Magic Kingdom Division


California State University, Fullerton
Chartered December 5, 1996
Chapman University
Chartered February 21, 2011
Golden West College
Chartered January 12, 2004
Irvine Valley College
Chartered April 14, 2005
Orange Coast College
Chartered July 29, 1993
Saddleback College
Chartered March 24, 2009
Santa Ana College
Chartered January 24, 2001
Soka University of America
Chartered January 2, 2014
University of California, Irvine
Chartered September 10, 1979
Whitter College
Chartered December 11, 1997


2015-2016 Magic Kingdom Divisional Theme

Authored by Alex D. Nguyen May 4, 2015

Hello everyone!

I have a BIG announcement! Today is the revealing of the 2015-2016 Magic Kingdom Divisional Theme! After discussing all the goals of each club in our division, our clubs had a single similarity.

We all have dreams and we want to achieve them. The story of the Disney movie, UP, truly defines our division's dreams and aspirations as a whole to go on a journey of service, leadership, and fellowship that will take us no where, but UP! And with that, we will be taking service to new heights this year knowing that SERVICE IS OUT THERE!

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Magic Kingdom April & May DCM Recap

Authored by Alex D. Nguyen May 4, 2015

Hello everyone!

First off, thank you everyone for coming out the Magic Kingdom Trainer & April DCM and CNH Spring Training Conference South 2015 & May DCM! In both DCMs, we had 100+ attendees and I am so humbled to be serving you all! 

Congratulations to the following individuals/clubs for receiving the first of many recognitions within the division:

April Mickey of the Month: Amanda Levi

April Club Project of the Month: CSUF CKI 7/10 Split

April Club Champ of the Month: Orange Coast College Circle K

May Mickey of the Month: Chris Muros

May Club Project of the Month: UCI CKI Thomas Family House Dinner

May Club Champ of the Month: CSU Fullerton Circle K

In addition, congratulations to the following individuals for being selected to serve on the 2015-2016 Magic Kingdom Divisional Leadership Team:

Executive Assistant: Jesus Pelayo

Service Chair: Alex Chang

Media Relations Chair: Andy Nguyen

Fellowship Chair: Karl Yabes

If you need more information, the DCM agendas have been uploaded in the file cache for the Magic Kingdom website! Stayed tuned tonight for the release of the divisional theme at around 10:00PM as well.

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Magic Kingdom Trainer & April DCM

Authored by Alex D. Nguyen April 8, 2015

Hello everyone!

The Magic Kingdom Trainer & DCM will be this Saturday, April 11, 2015 at 12:15PM at Orange Coast College. There will be many workshops for you to learn more about becoming a leader and there will be food provided by Kiwanis Division 30. The April Divisional Council Meeting will begin promptly around 3:20PM. I hope to see you all there!

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[PDF] Magic Kingdom May DCM Agenda
24 · Magic Kingdom Division
[DOCX] January DCM Agenda
23 · Magic Kingdom Division
[DOCX] Magic Kingdom Workshop Application
23 · Magic Kingdom Division
[DOCX] September DCM Agenda
21 · Magic Kingdom Division
[DOCX] December DCM
18 · Magic Kingdom Division
[DOCX] Magic Kingdom Divisional Leadership Team Application
18 · Magic Kingdom Division
[DOCX] October DCM Agenda!
17 · Magic Kingdom Division
[DOCX] Spirit Night Cheers!
17 · Magic Kingdom Division
[PDF] Magic Kingdom April DCM Agenda
17 · Magic Kingdom Division
[DOCX] Magic Kingdom Divisional Key to College Workshop Application
11 · Magic Kingdom Division


UPDATED: January 29, 2016
UPDATED: January 29, 2016
UPDATED: January 18, 2016

Welcome to the Magic Kingdom Division, the home of Mickey Mouse! We are one of the nine divisions in the California-Nevada-Hawaii District of Circle K International with borders that extend from the busy streets of Los Angeles County in the north to the sandy southern shores of Orange County in the south. We are known to be one of the largest divisions both in the district and international. We hope you find your experience in the MAGIC KINGDOM OHANA to be MAGICAL! ;D


Lieutenant Governor: Alex D. Nguyen

Executive Assistant: Jesus Pelayo

Service Chair: Alex Chang

Media Relations Chair: Andy Nguyen

Fellowship Chair: Karl Yabes

Magic Bulletin Ad-Hoc Chair: Angela Lagrada

Regional Advisor: Peter Yu


CSU Fullerton: Judy Nguyen

Orange Coast College: Helen Nguyen

Irvine Valley College: Raymond Martinez

Saddleback College: Melissa Jarbo

Whittier College: TBA

UC Irvine: Byron Barahona

Chapman University: Rochelle Salvador

Santa Ana College: Paula Vo

Golden West College: Daniel Luong

Soka University of America: Amanda Boralessa


District MD&E Chair: Angelina Chanthanouvong


2014-2015 | Cari D. Tam

2013-2014 | Ryan Pham & Justin Villasenor

2012-2013 | Stephanie L. Nguyen

2011-2012 | Michael Tung

2010-2011 | Phillip Chow

2009-2010 | Richard Kong

2008-2009 | Danny Ha

2007-2008 | Amy Tran

2006-2007 | Christine Luong

2005-2006 | Ivy Trac, Ryan Billings, & Jonathan Betonio

2004-2005 | Patrick Ballecer

2003-2004 | Linda Moon

2002-2003 | Kim Nguyen

2001-2002 | Chrissy Tanoura

2000-2001 | Chrissy Tanoura

1974-1975 | Don Hull

If you ever have an questions, comments, or concerns, please e-mail Lieutenant Governor, Alex D. Nguyen, at

Learn more about our division at